Friday, November 7, 2008

An Update

Hello, Hello! As I am sure you have all guessed from my absence in posting, life happened. I have some photos and stories to share but while I have a few minutes this morning, I’ll give a little update about me.

As far as school is concerned, I am in the home stretch. We only have four weeks left of classes and a test about every other day it seems. It is a great thing that I do my best work under pressure. I started the semester off with a flying leap and when I hit the ground, I decided to watch the clouds a little too long. I’m optimistic all will turn out okay because like I said, deadlines are good friends of mine. : )

I love my job, for most of the week it is a piece of cake. I work at a casino in Tunica, Mississippi. I never thought I would like the entertainment industry especially one that caters to drunkenness and encourages people to lose their money. I don’t give the crazy people any attention, coworkers and customers, I’m just there to enjoy myself and make money, not lose it. I cherish every penny with the economy the way it is. They are laying people off like crazy at the casinos. I work in the finance department and they run a skeleton crew on the graveyard shift most of the week. As long as I skate under the radar, I should be fine.

With working forty hours and trying to survive school, it does not leave much time for a social life. Despite the challenges of time, I’m making friends and taking time to smell the air of the mighty Mississippi. By friends I mean beyond the cockroaches that have decided to take up residence in my apartment. I really have a hard time killing things but you better believe that underneath the sink there is enough Raid for the whole building! : )

I'm hoping it will work out so I can make a trip home after classes are done. I miss everyone like crazy and my little Henry too. I can't believe he was only ten pounds when I left and this week he weighed in at sixty-three pounds! I do feel bad for my Mother in that regard. When both dogs run through the house, it must feel like a stampede. I'm waiting for the phone call that will inform me that my aquarium is no more. : )

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